Mahangu Safari Lodge offers you:

  • Game drives to Mahango
  • Game drives to the West Caprivi National Park
  • Boat trips on the Okavango River
  • Breakfast boat cruise
  • Guided fishing trips on the River
  • Bird watching
  • Arrangements for weddings, bithday parties, conferences etc.
  • Midday Cruise Experience
  • Island Dinner Cruise Experience
  • Houseboat Safari


At approximately 12h00 our guests board the boat for about 2.5 hours. Guests will be spoiled with a variety of snacks . These appetizers are prepared on the boat and guests can enjoy sparkling wine, cocktails, alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages whilst relaxing and enjoying the okavango river. After the cruise (at about 15h00) guests are taken on an game drive into Buffalo core area (Bwabwata) or Mahango National Park for another 3.5 hours and will enjoy a sundowner at the end of the tour. Drinks as well as chips, nuts, biltong and dry sausage will be served.


Our dinner cruise departs at around 18h00 with a welcoming glass of sparkling wine. A variety of light snacks will be served. After a Short trip, guests disembark on an island to enjoy the spectacular Okavango sunset while sitting around a campfire with the all favorite gin & tonic. The african night starts of with the remarkable panorama of stars while our chef will serve you a five course dinner you will never forget. Cocktail, alcoholic and non-alcoholic berverages will be available. The dinner cruise will end at around 21h30.


Day 1
From 14:00 it is possible to check in on the houseboat, where a selection of snacks and a glass of sparkling wine is offered to you . We will then give you the Houseboat Safari itinerary and answer all your questions. After that you can enjoy the Okavango River! On the houseboat we offer a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks e.g. cocktails, Aperol, Hugo and various wines, as well as a small Mini bar and beer on tap. The 5 course dinner menu is served from 19:30 on the houseboat, where you can end the first evening in peace.

Day 2
At 8:00 AM you depart on a 2-hour breakfast cruise on the Okavango River, which starts with a very rich breakfast, followed by a longer trip from 11:00. During this trip, the Okavango River will be brought to you for the next 3-4 hours to experience the wildlife as well as fauna and flora. At noon about 13:00 you will be served a selection of snacks on the boat, as well as various drinks of your choice.

In the afternoon at about 15:00 you have the choice to explore one of the two national parks, either Mahango or Buffalow Game Park. This game tour takes 3-4 hours. Afterwards, the houseboat is at your disposal again to freshen up for dinner from 19:30 and to end the day. If you have booked another night, in principle the itinerary is the same as the previous day, but to the other park which you do not know yet, or there is also the possibility to take a sunset tour with the houseboat from 16:00. To experience the Okavango River for the last time with a gin and tonic or a drink of your choice to end your houseboat safari and let the experiences of the past 2 days sink in.

Day 3
From 8:00 the breakfast is ready for you, after breakfast on the houseboat it is time to say goodbye to the Okavango River, and we wish you a good further journey to your next destination.

Houseboat safari (price on request).